Our Mission 

To encourage and promote the ethical and quality breeding of pure-bred Sussex Spaniels;

To do all in its power to protect and advance the interest in the breed by encouraging sportsmanlike competition at dog shows, obedience trials, hunt tests, and any other AKC sanctioned events or competitions;

To urge members to accept the Standard of the Breed as approved by the American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which Sussex Spaniels shall be judged;

To conduct sanctioned and licensed Specialty shows and other AKC sanctioned events under the rules of the American Kennel Club.

Is a member club of the AKC
Heart of Ohio Sussex Spaniel Club 

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Chrsitmas Stocking
Ralph Lauren
Apron - Wolf
Apron - Bear
Beyond Antibiotics
Box Cup - Set of 1
Brush and Mitt
Candy Bowl
Candy Bowl side
Chair - Purple
Chair Purple
Champion Dog Prince Tom
Coat Top
Coat Bottom
German Shepard Cup - Set of 1
Healthy Animal Journal
Crate Cover
Homemade Treats for You Sussex Spaniel
Hunting Dogs From Around The World
Labraodir Cups - Set of 5
Long Toy
More Homemade Treats for your Sussex Spaniel
Pheasant Framed Photograph
Photo Frame
Scottie Chipboard Book
Scottie Chipboard Book
Shih Tzu Cups - Set of 5
Spaniel with Pheasant
The Perfect Dog
Tote - Brown
Tote - White
Towel - Micro Fiber
Towel - Micro Fiber
Tree Skirt
Wood Sussex Art
Understanding Homeopathy
Year of the Dog
Quik Shade
Homeopathy - a step by step guide
Stein Back
Stein Bottom
Sussex Print
Ribbon Collar
Ribbon Collar
Westminster Winner 2008
Tote Bag - Water Proof
1. Apron Wolf - made by 4H group.Very unique and durable 
2. Apron Bear- made by 4H group.Very unique and durable 
3.Bed - Bone pattern lovely, large,comfy bed. 42" in diameter!
4. Beyond Antibiotics - A more natural approach to health.
6. Boxer Cup (1) - A lovely donation.
8. Candy dish - A cute and       fun candy dish. 6"wide X 7" tall
5. Bowl - Slow down a fast eater with this bowl.
7. Brush and Mitt - A nice grooming set.
9. Cards - Box of 6 Sussex Cards. Min. Bid $9.00
10. Chair -  New in Box Chair. Min.Bid $ 15.00
11. Champion Dog Prince Tom - Collector's item. Very Old Min. Bid $12.00
12. Coasters - Lovely Sussex set of 4 
13. Coat - Keep your pal warm during the cold weather.Size L
14. GSD Cup (1) - A lovely donation.
15. Healthy Animal's Journal - by Christina Chambreau DVM
16. Homemade Treats - Loads of great recipes and photo's of Sussex. By Rosemary Cushman
Min.Bid $10.00
17. Home Zone - 30" X 21" X 24" Crate cover
20. Long Toy - Your dog will love this!
21.More Homemade Treats - Loads of great recipes and photo's of Sussex. By Rosemary Cushman
Min. Bid $13.00
22. Pheasant Photo  - Wood framed will look great in any home.15"X 22"
23. Photo Frame - Great for showing off you best friend
24. Pillow - Handmade lovely design
25. Scottie Chipboard Book - A fun project for any dog lover.
27. Spaniel with Pheasant-
A lovely photo suitable for framing  8 X 10"
28. The Perfect Dog- by John O'Hurley
29. Throw - Handmade just for the Sussex lover. 62" X 40"
32. Towel - 30" X 20" Suitable for framing.
Min.Bid $15.00. 
34. Tree Skirt - A must for this year's tree.
33. Towel Drying - Great for drying a wet dog. 
35. Wood Art - Decorate as you like! 6" X 2 " 
38. Quik Shade - Perfect relaxation station for your dog!
39. Homeopathy - by Cassandra Mark
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Begins: Nov. 20th at 8 AM EST
Ends: Dec. 1 at 8:00 PM EST

Have everything you need in plenty of time for Christmas! 
Annual On Line Auction 
41. Sussex Print-  C. Francis Wardle 1935 original.  8X10" 
40.Stein-   Great Dogs of the Outdoors 9 1/2"
Boxes reflect number of bids and current Bid
42. Ribbon Collar-  
18" Great for the Holidays
44 Dog Food Tote-   Waterproof, donated by a local 4H Club. You will love this tote.It's Sturdy! 18:" tall x 16"wide
45. Ralph Lauren -  Womens size Large 
46. Christmas Stocking - Plays music and moves ears

47. Photo Frame -  Yes we have 2 of these lovely frames.
Updated - Nov. 25 @ 8:31 AM EST
49. Santa Surprise-   A box filled with? A box filled with suprises. 2' L X 1' w X 4" d.
48.Car Magnet -  A fun car magnet